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Baseline Study for Sugar Agribusiness in Kenya: Draft Report

Click Here to Download Report. (PDF Document, 12.8 MB)

This report on the sugar agribusiness in Kenya has been prepared by Kenana Engineering and Technical Services (KETS).

The decision to prepare the report rose out of plans by the Kenya Sugar Board (KSB), the entity formed by the Kenyan Government to control and lead the sugar subsector, to identify new areas within the Kenyan agricultural environment for the expansion of the sugar industry, a move which fits into the overall strategy of the government to develop and improve quality of life in rural areas.

An additional objective by the KSB was to have a professional review of its existing sugar industry and get recommendations to enhance efficiency. The findings of this report are planned to be discussed with various stakeholders of the Kenyan sugar subsector.

KETS is confident that the report will serve as a framework for the KSB in decision making regarding authorizing new sugar projects in Kenya and improve the performance of existing sugar industry.

The technical team from KETS wishes to acknowledge the considerable guidance received from the KSB and other government departments and authorities while visiting Kenya. The technical team also extends its appreciation to local government officials in the various provinces and districts for the welcoming and support.

Click Here to Download Report. (PDF Document, 12.8 MB)

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