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Corporate Secretariat

The Corporate Secretariat provides or procures legal advice in a pro-active, timely, cost-effective and professional manner with a view to furthering the corporate objectives and protecting stakeholders interests.

The department also seeks to ensure that legal risks are identified and dealt with before they emerge as significant risks to the organization, and where appropriate, minimized, or appropriate alternative structures and strategies are considered and documents are drafted accurately to reflect corporate decisions.

Quality Objectives

  • Review existing laws covering the sugar sub-sector bi-annually and revise those that act as an impediment, with the involvement of stakeholders in order to promote growth of the sugar sub-sector.
  • Reduce litigation costs by 5% of the baseline in the year 2008/2009 by including an arbitration clause in all KSB contracts and providing legal advice in all KSB engagements with external parties.
  • Ensure that all sugar industry players comply with statutory and regulatory requirements by conducting law audits at least once a year and give feedback to the players for corrective action within two weeks after the audit.
  • Ensure all sugar imports processes comply with statutory and regulatory requirements and provide monthly reports for planning.

Organization and Reporting

The Secretariat is a full fledged department reporting directly to the CEO who intern reports to the Board. Functionally, the department is headed by the Company Secretary who reports direct to the CEO. The Legal Officer and Procurement Officer are both section heads reporting to the Company Secretary.

Role of the Kenya Sugar Board

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