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Corporate Planning

The Corporate Planning Department is committed to policy formulation and implementation of corporate strategies, data collection, analysis, dissemination and forecasting production, consumption and pricing for the sugar industry products, to ensure efficient operation of the industry.

 It is also responsible for the corporate planning functions of the Kenya Sugar Board.

Quality Objectives

  • Undertake quarterly performance review of KSB and Sugar Industry strategic plans and at least once every 5 years, update the strategic plans.
  • Generate from the statistical data bank annual forecasts for production, consumption and pricing trends of sugar industry products and undertake a comprehensive study on National sugar supply and demand at least once every 5 years to guide policy.
  • Monitor imports and exports of sugar and sugar by-products through monthly updates and quarrel reconciliation of sugar imports and exports returns and generate reports for policy guidance.
  • Establish costs of cane and sugar production on an annual basis, and forward the report to the Board and other stakeholders for decision making.
  • Facilitate preparation of integrated sugar industry development plans and generate short term and long term programmes consistent with the industry's policies and objectives.
  • Articulates the interests of the industry in regional and international trade protocols and negotiations e.g. COMESA, WTO, ACP-EU, ISO and EAC.
  • Physical verification of users of industrial sugar to ensure that amounts of refined sugar imported at concessionary rates match production capacity.


Head of Corporate Planning: The HOP reports to the Chief Executive Officer and is charged with the responsibility of fotecasting and implementing policies and corporate strategies that will promote efficient regulation of the sugar industry.

Senior Economist: The Senior Economist reports to the HOP and provides technical support in the formulation, analysis, forecasting and efficient implementation of policies and corporate strategies developed for the sugar industry.

Economist: The Economist reports to the Senior Economist and analyses and provides basic interpretation of data from the industry.

Senior Statician: Coordinates the collection, compilation, analysis, interpretation and timely dissemination of relevant statistical data for users.

Statician: Reports to the Senior Statician and facilitates the collection, compilation and analysis of timely and relevant statistical data for interpretation and dissemination.

Statistical Assistant: The Statistical assistant reports to the Senior Statician and collects and compiles timely and relevant statistical data for analysis, interpretation and dissemination.

Role of the Kenya Sugar Board

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